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We're about to change the way you keep your friends and loved ones informed when you're dealing with major life events. And when you need to ask for help, you can manage it all right from your phone.

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Where this started

A Little Help was born out of an experience with trying to help a very close friend, his wife and their newborn child after he had a life-threatening accident and was facing an extended hospital stay, as well as a long road to recovery.

On top of the volume of “Oh my gosh, what happened?” questions his wife received, what I found was friends and loved ones inundated her with:

  • “How’s he doing now?”

  • “Can I come visit?”

  • “Is there anything I can do?”

These seem to be universal questions that any caregiver or significant other receives from their TRIBE and must constantly manage across texts, email, phone calls and even social media. All while trying to provide care for him, manage her job and in this case, be a mother to an infant. 

But it doesn’t just have to be a life-threatening event where we want to keep our TRIBE informed and manage help. Ask any couple with a newborn child what they experience (Think: sharing updates on your newborn’s health, scheduling visits with friends, and even making sure there’s food in the fridge when you get home from the hospital can be overwhelming - all the while you’re changing diapers!)

It’s why we created aLTLhelp.com and why we made it so simple for use on your phone. Since it’s not always convenient to wait to log-in from a computer and we’re more likely to have our phones always with us, we’ve designed aLTLhelp to work as well from a mobile browser as the laptop.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience with A Little Help.

  • How can we make it better?

  • What’s missing?

  • How did it help you?

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About Us

Gary Schechner – Founder & Partner

As my friend was in and out of the ICU and laying in his hospital bed recovering from surgeries to fuse his shattered body, I knew there had to be a better way for his family to manage the support and communication from friends and family.  Thus birthed the idea of this service.

I’ve spent my career in a variety of marketing and advertising roles and appreciate that my life has come together mostly through the people I’ve met along the way (my TRIBE). And the idea of ‘Paying it forward’ (or back) isn’t just a touching internet meme or refrigerator magnet, but at the very core of my being.

I also recognized that in order for this project to come to life, I was going to need the help of my TRIBE and found myself with a 20+ year friend (Marianne Lambertson) to Partner with and make it so.

Marianne Lambertson – Partner

Gary’s story behind A Little Help was just the sort of solution that I wish had been around for my family and me on more than one occasion. And the more I thought about it and ran the concept by my own TRIBE, I realized just how critical it was for us to bring this to life together.  I’ve spent my career in healthcare and I’m incredibly passionate about the issues facing both patients and caregivers in today’s complicated and fast-paced environment.  As a mother, an executive and strong-willed/independent woman, I find it difficult sometimes to ask for help.  I believe that aLTLhelp.com can fundamentally change the way we connect and care for each other at the interpersonal and provider level in times of crisis and in times of joy.